Red lights.

I still remember.
“Tell me the truth.”
Your car. You shiver.
The red lights.
They turn green.
Blowing horns.
Your face – so near.
You try to fib.
Red lights again.
Your very last words.
The truth.
Someone is screaming
that we have to drive.
Yesterday I dreamed about you.
Out of sudden.
All this is so far away.
In the past.
With the red lights.
You, touching me,
the very last time.
The lights turn green again.
And I open the door.
Around me they scream and curse.
Can’t hear them.
Can’t see you,
’cause I don’t turn around.
My tears,
because in that moment I knew,
it was the very last time.
When I left you in your car.
At the red lights.


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